Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable Accessories

Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable Accessories - We are a factory specialized in manufacturing high-quality Opgw cable and overhead fiber optic cable accessories.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
OPGW Central AL-covered Stainless Steel Tube
Sheath Material
Aluminum Tube
Optical Power Ground Wire
Delivery Time
Fast Delivery
Production Line
Factory Area
50000 Square Meters
Self-Factory ;Competitive Price;
High,Most Advance Production Equipment
ISO;Type Test;Network Access License
Transport Package
Steel-Wooden Drum
depends on meters one reel
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Product Description
Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable Accessories

OPGW Central AL-covered Stainless Steel Tube  is characterized by aluminum-clad steel cable or mixed ACS wire and aluminum alloy wire for winding, which increases the cross-section of the pipe and improves fault current and lightning protection performance. The pipeline is suitable for transmission lines that require small pipe diameters and large fault currents, and is suitable for power lines with voltage levels of 220KV and above. Fiber types can be G652D, G655C, 657A1, etc. The pipeline is suitable for aerial, overhead, and outdoor applications, especially for the transformation of old power lines and low-voltage lines, and environments with heavy chemical pollution such as coastal chemical industrial areas.

Product Parameters
Specification Structure Maximum number of cors Supporting Cross Section(mm²) Diameter(mm) Weight (kg/km) DC Resistance(Ω/km) RTS(KN) Short Time Current Capacity l²t(KA²s)
OPGW-48B1-12/46.4-(62,25) 10/2.43/20AS+AL-Tube5.6/3.8+SUS3.6 48 58.44 10.46 366 1.02 62 25
OPGW-48B1-15/44(60,23) 11/2.25/20AS+AL-Tube6.0/3.9+SUS3.7 48 58.81 10.5 357 0.968 60 23
OPGW-36B1-15/55(70,30) 9/2.8/20AS+AL-Tube5.5/3.2+SUS3.0 36 70.1 11.1 437 0.88 70 30.25
OPGW-48B1-16/57(70,36) 10/2.7/20AS+AL-Tube6.2/4+SUS3.8 48 73.59 11.6 454 0.82 70 36
OPGW-48B1-16/60(74,40) 9/2.85/20AS+AL-Tube5.5/3.0+SUS3.3 48 74.1 11.2 454 0.82 74.1 40.4
OPGW-48B1-16/60(74,40) 9/2.9/20AS+AL-Tube5.8/3.7+SUS3.5 48 75.12 11.6 464 0.82 74.1 40.4
OPGW-48B1-21/72.4(73,55) 7/3.2/20AS+2/3.2/AA+AL-Tube6.4/3.6+SUS3.4 48 93.21 12.8 498 0.534 73 55.2
OPGW-48B1-28.25/75-(100.4,30.1) 10/3.09/20AS+AL-Tube7.1/3.6+SUS3.4 48 103.24 13.28 694 0.71 100.4 30.1
OPGW-48B1-21/90(60.3,100) 4/3.8/27AS+4/3.8/AA+AL-Tube6.4/3.8+SUS3.6 48 111.56 14 466 0.36 60.3 100
OPGW-48B1-37/74(70,72) 12/2.81/40AS+AL-Tube8.43/3.7+SUS3.5 48 112.14 14.05 480 0.385 77 72
OPGW-48B1-20/93(89,90) 6/3.85/27AS+2/3.85/40AS+AL-Tube6.3/3.7+SUS3.5 48 113.55 14 592 0.45 89 90
OPGW-48B1-30/86(113,81) 9/3.5/20AS+AL-Tube7.0/3.5+SUS3.3 48 115.45 14 673 0.51 113 81
OPGW-48B1-30/91 9/3.6/20AS+AL-Tube7.2/3.8+SUS3.6 48 120.98 14.4 712 0.46 110 80
OPGW-48B1-29/92 9/3.6/20AS+AL-Tube7.2/3.6+SUS3.4 48 120.98 14.4 716 0.475 116.3 80.5
OPGW-48B1-36/90(107,84) 10/3.4/20AS+AL-Tube7.8/3.8+SUS3.6 48 127.23 14.6 721 0.44 107 84
OPGW-48B1-31/97(73.36,130.91) 3/3.7/27AS+6/3.7/40AS+AL-Tube7.2/3.4+SUS3.2 48 128.41 14.6 592 0.33 74.36 130.91
Company Profile

Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable Accessories

Shandong Inlink Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Shandong Inlink Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of optical fiber composite overhead ground wires, power non-metallic optical cables and peripheral supporting equipment established in 2018. The company has a complete production and R&D team, a scientific quality management system and intelligent production equipment, and covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters.


The company pays attention to the quality of process equipment and raw materials. The main equipment and raw materials are from global brand suppliers, such as the high-precision laser welding production line of Germany, the stranding equipment of Hefei Shenma of China United Equipment Group, and the optical fiber coloring machine of Shanghai Yupin. In addition, stainless steel strips from POSCO in South Korea, hydrogen-evolving fiber paste from H&R in Germany, aluminum-clad steel wires from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and high-quality optical fibers from Hengtong and YOFC are also raw materials for the company's products.


Through advanced equipment, strict material selection and exquisite workmanship, the OPGW and power optical cables produced by the company are of high quality. The company won the title of National High-tech Enterprise in 2020, and at the same time, it was certified as Shandong Provincial Specialized, Special and New Technology Enterprise. In 2021, the company's OPGW products have obtained the network access certificate for special equipment for the State Grid, and successfully put into production ordinary communication optical cables and passed relevant certifications. In 2022, the company passed the qualification and capability verification of the State Grid, and successfully won the bid for centralized procurement at the headquarters of the State Grid, becoming a supplier of OPGW products of the State Grid. At the beginning of 2023, Inlink Optoelectronics won the bid again in the first bidding for line installation materials of State Grid power transmission and transformation lines. These honors and achievements show that the company's brand influence is constantly improving.


In addition, the company has also built and put into production export-specific OPGW products, becoming one of the few enterprises in the northern region with export-specific OPGW production capacity. The product has been successfully sold to Southeast Asia, India, Africa and countries and regions along the Belt and Road.


Inlink Optoelectronics has successfully built an OPGW industrial highland with large production capacity, high-quality products, advanced equipment and exquisite craftsmanship in the northern region. The company's products are widely used in power generation and transmission projects such as State Grid, China Power Construction, China Railway, Huaneng, and China Resources.

Production lines:
Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable AccessoriesQuality Inspection Department:
Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable AccessoriesCertificate:
Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable Accessories
Team picture:
Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable Accessories

Opgw Cable Overhead Fiber Optic Cable Accessories

 Why Choose Us?

High Capacity of Production Own Factory
* Complete product range: OPGW, ADSS, OUTDOOR CABLE 
* Dozens of production lines
* Advanced imported production equipment
* Independent R&D team supports customization

State Grid Supplier
* We have won multiple bids for State Grid projects every year, with competitive prices, complete qualifications, and fast delivery times. Years of long-term cooperation.

High Cohesion Team
The company has a dedicated sales, production, R&D, quality inspection team.

Fully qualified - manufacturer direct sales
* State Grid Access Certificate
* Inspection Report of China Electric Power Research Institute

Are you a real self owned factory?
Yes, Our factory is located in Jining City, Shandong Province.Covering an area of 50000 square meters.Welcome to visit our factory.

Do you supply samples?

Yes, we can provide most of the product samples for free, but you will need to pay for shipping. If you place a formal order next time, we will refund the sample shipping fee to you.

Do you support customization?

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